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Laboratoire Gibro SA manufactures skincare products in Fleurier Switzerland

Laboratoire Gibro revolutionized professional skincare by producing the first energetic cosmetics. Yesterday, with Energetic Phytobiodermie, and today with Quantum Phytobiodermie, the two natural skincare disciplines are among the most used by beauty professionals.

They balance the skin to reduce blemishes, have an internal effect on vital energy and an external effect on emotional balance for the ultimate natural result. Applied by trained and certified beauty professionals, Phytobiodermie skincare benefits tens of thousands of people every day in the world.

Phytobiodermie skincare provides intense and lasting wellbeing by balancing vital energy and subtle body energy.

  Since 1979

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Jean-Daniel Bartl

Chief Executive Officer

Sonia Sporija

Head of Private Label

Aline Vieille-Petit

Head of Communication

Christian Froidevaux

Purchasing Manager

Caroline Métais

Account Manager

Blaise Gerber

Customer Support

Cyril Racine

Head of Manufacturing

Marcio Gonzaga

Manufacturing & Purchasing

Nicolas Missue

Warehousing & Logistic


Packaging Operator


Packaging Operator

Since 1979